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First Step Toward Big Change


“You don’t miss water
until the well runs dry.”

Healthy living is aspirational until health is compromised, whether our own or our loved one’s.

This made us realize how little things in our daily lives shape our wellbeing and affects us physically and financially.

This is how our story begins.


Only 5% of Americans reaching their recommended daily fiber intake.

Our extensive research led us to one substance over and over again: Fiber.

Adding more of this simple substance into your diet can help boost your metabolism and contribute to your overall wellbeing.


Focus On The Purest And
Most Basic Item In Our Diet: WATER

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A subtile addition to your daily routine that produces great change in your wellbeing

Enriching water with fiber, we created NEWater to help everyone meet their daily hydration and fiber intake goals.

The Road Ahead Of Us

We believe that everyone is capable of driving big change, whether reinventing ourselves, mobilizing our community towards a cause or healing our environment.

Fibro, with its fiber infused, nutrient enhanced water, is here to make a NEW daily routine accessible to everyone

Step-by-step, we will get there.

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